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I got a yogurt in my pocket

This week has been a little out of the ordinary and it all started when mom told me she had a yogurt in her pocket. I know what you are thinking, how long was that in her pocket? That had nothing to do with my story but she grabbed it on the way out of the house as a snack for me in case we didn’t have time to eat. Mom is usually prepared, whether it is with snacks and water or a change of plans. She has done this with snacks since we got stuck in Disney with a Hershey bar, Pork Rinds, and Slim Jims for dinner. As far as being flexible with plans, they always need to be modified anyway.

Apple picking anyone?

Since my chair is on the injured reserve list I have to figure out how to do the things I want to. Since my chair would not survive the Apple Orchard or Pumpkin patch, I decided to go apple picking at Target and I will go pumpkin picking at Aldi's, just to mix things up.

Phot: me holding a bag of apples from Target.  Even though I didn't get to pick them myself , I still got apples.
Apples anyone?

Dinner at Disney

I think I have told you the story about eating Hershey bars, Pork Rinds, and Slim Jim for dinner before but here is a condensed version. We were staying at Animal Kingdom, I had been lucky enough to spend the day with a friend and her family. Nana had surprised us with the hotel room. It was extended hours at the park and we stayed until the last moment. We tried to convince Dad to eat at the park before we left but he was having none of it. We figured the resort restaurant or something would be open when we got back. We were wrong. Dad went to bed and we went in search of food. It was after midnight and nothing was open. We checked the car but soon realized we had taken all the snacks out and left them at Nana’s. The only thing we could find was Dad’s Slim Jims and Pork Rinds. Needless to say, they were pretty gross. We then searched the entire resort only to find one vending machine. Thankfully it had Hershey bars in it. We only had enough change for one bar. So we feasted on chocolate, Slim Jims, and Pork Rinds. YUM!?

Photo: me and my friends, I am about 14. It had rained most of the day but we were together and that was all that mattered.
Disney and friends

I got a yogurt in my pocket

It all started when Mom and I had a Chiropractor appointment followed by my OT appointment. For some reason, I was really hungry that morning. That’s when Mom told me not to worry she had a yogurt in her pocket. She made up some silly song about if I was hungry not to worry she had a yogurt in her pocket. Even after she fed me the yogurt when something would go wrong, mom would say, That’s okay, I got a yogurt in my pocket. She would add another verse to the silly song. When the chair battery went from fully charged to empty, when we couldn't find what we looking for, and even when we got lucky enough to find my sleep drinks. She sang that's okay I got yogurt in my pocket. Every time it made me smile and reminded me of how lucky I am that she is my mom. She has always made up these silly little songs to help me through my challenges.

Photo: a picture of a yogurt in my pocket.
I got a yogurt in my pocket

Coffee, it's an addiction

This past Monday, I had a very busy day. I had my chiropractor appointment, and OT again, and then I was going with my friend to check out the accessibility of her wedding venue. We had about an hour to eat lunch and get coffee. Normally it does take that long. We decided I was going to get my coffee, go home, charge my chair and eat lunch. I had plenty of time. At least that was what I thought.

Video: me talking about my Starbucks coffee addiction while drinking a coffee.

Where are my sunglasses?

We went to Starbucks, and we were standing in line. The line wasn't very long but only one person was working and this store has just rolled out mobile ordering. I was told they take preference. Note to self figure out how to mobile order. While we were in line I took off my sunglasses and handed them to Lisa. We were chatting away and finally, it was our turn to order. All of a sudden, Lisa was frantic looking all over for my sunglasses and she couldn’t find them. She checked my backpack, my wheelchair, and the counter, and she even looked in the garbage can to see if she had accidentally thrown them out. Nope, they weren't there. She put her coffee down and started looking high and low for these sunglasses and even asked several Baristas who had just come on shift if they had found a pair of sunglasses. This wasn't making any sense, this was the only place we had been. We had to get home, I needed to still eat lunch and charge my chair. The glasses were nowhere to be found. We had to give up and leave because we were on a time crunch. In our rush to leave, Lisa forgot her coffee amid the big search but the Barista passed it to her. We got back into the van and Lisa looked in the rearview mirror and started hysterically laughing. She realized that they had been on top of her head the entire time. We both couldn't stop laughing. Even the Baristas did not notice that they were on her head. I guess it's a good thing mom had a yogurt in her pocket.

Photo: my sunglasses on top of Lisa's head. Now where are my sunglasses?
Has anyone seen my sunglasses?

Wedding Venue

We gobbled down lunch and headed off to the venue. I am a Bridesmaid this weekend and we went to the wedding venue to check accessibility. Mom came with us. When we arrived, we had to park further away from the venue so we could look at the ceremony space. As long as it doesn’t rain everything should be fine. Then we headed to the venue space. I needed one of my ramps, so Mom took the keys to move the van closer to the venue. We explored the venue. It is a beautiful old Victorian house with lots of rooms. For the most part, it is accessible and there is even a bathroom big enough for me.

Photo: me and my friend.  She is wearing a captains hat, white bathing suit that says bride and I am wearing a black bathing suit with a pink sash that says: sexy and single.
Ahoy matey!

Pumpkin picking time

We dropped Mom off at home and headed to Aldi’s to go pumpkin picking. They have a great deal on pumpkins and since my chair won’t make it through the patch this year we can still go pumpkin picking at Aldi’s.

Oh no, I lost the keys again?

All of a sudden about a mile from the house, the van started flashing an alert and shut off. We were in the middle of the road. Lisa took action, put the emergency lights on, and made sure I stayed calm, she checked the back of my chair and realized that the keys were not there. Mom still had them in her pocket, with the yogurt and she was at home! We called Mom realizing she had the keys. Lisa then became a traffic cop, directing traffic around us. There was quite a line and Mom got stuck in the traffic but finally, she reached us and gave us the keys. We couldn't believe that we didn’t know the keys were not in the car. Mom told us it was an antitheft device that only allowed you to drive a mile without the keys. Once we stopped laughing, we all said, it’s a good thing mom had a yogurt in her pocket.

Photo: me holding the car keys.
These keys keep getting lost!

I got a yogurt in my pocket

So what I realized is that things happen. We have to change plans and regroup. Sometimes they slow us down and sometimes they speed us up. Sometimes we fail to see the humor in the situation. It is important to always keep a level head and not panic. To appreciate those around us who are always there to protect us. No matter what, it's important to be prepared with yogurt in your pocket.

Thank you for reading until the end!

This is the view from my wheelchair, where miracles can make a difference. Always Strive for the Impossible. Come back next week to see what is on my mind and hear more about my experiences with weddings and The View From My Wheelchair.

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27 oct 2023

Good morning, Thank goodness for the yogurt in the pocket. I luv your outfit. Once again thank you for sharing your week with me. I look forward to knowing how the apples turned out. Happy Halloween to you and your family.

Me gusta
Allison Murphy
Allison Murphy
27 oct 2023
Contestando a

Thank you and Happy Halloween to you and your family too.

Me gusta
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