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Light up Christmas

Great Christmas Light Fight

Have you ever seen the Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC? I love that show! Even though I have a hard time seeing details of shapes, I can still see that the lights are sparking and as a person with a visual impairment who struggles to see most times, Christmas lights are easy for me to see because they are so bright and some of them can be very colorful. Every year I watch this show, and I ooo and aha at the spectacular colors that light up the screen. I am always amazed by these displays. I don’t always agree with the judges and sometimes feel the displays are not equal to being able to be judged. I love DIY projects and the old fashion lights. I’m not really into all the modern pixelated computer-generated shows. For me they happen too quickly, I can’t just enjoy them.

Photo of my Christmas tree. a green tree with various ornaments and white lights.  under the tree are multicolored packages wrapped to perfection.
my Christmas tree

Lights from every nook and cranny

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved Christmas lights. Whether they are on my tree, bed,

Photo: Christmas lights hung on the headboard in my room
Christmas lights hung on my head board in my room

wheelchair, in fields, valleys, zoos, and front yards. There is something about the twinkling of lights and creative displays that has peaked my imagination. Lights are the one thing I see. I love driving around at night through the streets of where I live to see the various colors on display for everyone's pleasure. Think about it. Most people are not charging you to see their front yard display. They are doing it for others to enjoy the holiday. I know my Nana puts on one of the most beautiful displays on her corner lot in the Villages Fl. Her neighbors look forward to that display every year. I only wish they would help her put it up and take it down.

Nana's House

Photo of christmas lights at Nana/s house.  There is a white light tree and two deer with white lights for a classic look at Christmas lights.
Nana's house. Simple and classic white lights with deer and elf.

Koziars Christmas Village

Last weekend I went to see the mother of all Christmas light displays. I went to Koziers Christmas Village in Reading, PA. I have been begging my parents to take me for years. It was quite a magical experience in terms of the bright lights everywhere and the Christmas Spirit around every corner. This is the 75th year for this display. They had everything from giant blow-ups to little scenes in windows of buildings with animatronic figures. This is the first time we went but it's been around for seventy-five years. This is definitely a place to take your family to. I hope to be able to go again and possibly make it an annual tradition.

Photo: Giant blow up of frosty the snowman, Frosty is white with multicolored lights to show his magic, a corncob pipe, button nose and top hat.
Giant Frosty the snow man blowup. Dave, daddy, Kivian, Sean, Lisa and me.

I do feel sorry for the people that live along the road that takes you to the display. We sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic, it looked like someone had strung Christmas lights along the roadway Twinkling red and white. The white from the headlights and red from the brake lights. The road leading up to the farm was quite dark winding country road. Once you crested the hill you are instantly transported to a Christmas vision of what I imagine the North Pole to look like. You forgot that you were in bumper-to-bumper traffic and transported to a place where anything is possible and dreams come true.

Bumper-to-bumper traffic

Photo:  Happy Holidays is shown in multicolored lights.  In the left hand side of the picture are white lights that show the cars lined up waiting to get in to the village.
The white lights in the upper left hand corner of the picture shows the line of traffic waiting to get in.

Need eyes to see

Once inside the gates, it's hard to see all the tiny details of the displays because your eyes are taken here, there, and everywhere. I was able to use my Eydaptic glasses to see. I did struggle sometimes because the glasses don't have night vision. The self-directed paths were all accessible but people are impatient. I managed not to run a single person over, not even grandma. They had hot chocolate that was almost as hot as a volcano of lava. They had some of the most unique items for sale throughout the farm. It was homey and comforting.

Photo: this is a display window of the firehouse.  Inside is an old fashioned red fire truck with black wire rim wheels.  A Dalmatian stuffed dog is front and center.  There are various stuffed bears of all colors.  An American flag hangs on the wall.  There are nutcrackers of various shapes and sizes displayed on a red fire ladder hung sideways on the wall.
Firehouse display window,

I love Christmas lights

I love Christmas lights. If I could I would compete in the Great Christmas Light fight. My house would scream Christmas from every nook and cranny. Unfortunately, I can't compete nor put Christmas in every nook and cranny, it's too much work for mom. I have been to the Bronx zoo and the Orange County Arboretum to see colorful displays. I appreciate that I can go see various lights and all the work that goes into creating pleasure for the wonderment of others. If only the Christmas spirit of kindness and giving could follow people around throughout the year.

Photo: Bronx zoo display of Christmas lights.  A colorful tree and magical reindeer on stilts that is lit up in fluoresce green and pink
Bronx Zoo Lights with live action reindeer on stilts.

Photo: me in a Santa red poncho with white fur trim and a black belt in front of a display of lights
Orange County Arboretum. Me in my Santa poncho in front of a light display

So thank you Edward Johnson for developing the first Christmas lights in 1882. You have enabled me to see the wonderful world of lights and create memories that I will cherish forever.

Thank you for reading until the end!

This is the view from my wheelchair, where miracles can make a difference. Always Strive for the Impossible. Come back next week to see my year in review and hear more about my experiences and The View From My Wheelchair.

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