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Listen, it's spring

Photo; Bright pink peonies with soft petals like a pompom in front of my house.
Peonies in front of my house

May Flowers

Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means. April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims of course and allergies. The sound of raking the dead leaves of last fall to get ready for the blooms of tulips and daffodils. It is time when everyone is outside talking in the fresh air and shaking off the cold. Our toes begin to see the light of day after being hidden in our shoes all winter. Blue skies shine bright and the grass begins to grow. Everyone is outside enjoying the spring air, prom sessions, tax sessions, and birthdays to celebrate. I love spring.

Photo: me at six years old in a yellow dress with matching yellow sweater.  I am in front of a white azalea bush
Me in my Easter Best

Prom season

It reminds me of so many fond memories. One of my all-time favorites was prom. It didn’t start that way. All my friends had started to get dates and I had no prospects. You know asking the corny promposals. “Of all the fish in the sea will you go to prom with me?” They were all over school, each one trying to be wittier than the next. Time was ticking and I didn’t have a date.

Photo of Jake nd I in our prom outfits sitting in the limo.  He has his hand around my shoulder which is actually keeping me in my seat.
My date!


As some of you know I make bracelets out of soda can tabs and sell them at events. I then donate all the money to a needy person or family in my area. I was selling bracelets at a Cheer competition and noticed this really sweet guy that I had never met or seen before. It turns out he graduated the year before but was helping his mom at the competition. I decided right then and there that I was going to ask him to prom. I told no one but my aide at the time because she knew him. She told me he was really sweet and kind and an all-around good guy. This sealed the deal for me. I asked him right then and there if he would go to prom. Much to my surprise, he said yes! I was shocked and excited about all that was to come. I had a date for prom!

Photo: we are all smiles, Jake in his Tux, me in my deep purple dress with purple jems top, Nicole in royal blue gown, and Matt in his tux.  We are on our way to the prom.
Jake, Me, Nicole and Matt. Who by the way are getting married on Friday April 21! Happy Wedding Day!

Thanks, Jake

As you know many many things need to get done for senior prom. Buy a dress, and make appointments for hair, makeup, and nails. Don’t forget transportation. This one was tricky, but in the end, I got to ride in a Limo with my date and friends. Mom followed the limo to the event so that when I arrived in the limo my wheelchair was there waiting for me She then left because there was no way she was staying. The school would not allow parents to stay. They wouldn’t even make an exception. She came back to pick up my wheelchair so that I could have the full experience of riding in the limo home. Thanks, Mom, you are the best!

Photo of 12 of us in the limo wearing our prom smiles
Me , Jake and 9 others in the Limo

Dance, Dance, Dance

We danced the night away. My date, that no one knew before the prom, was the life of the party. He danced every dance with me and my friends. I felt like a queen. It was so much fun. I still keep in touch with him and see him from time to time. We are friends, nothing more, nothing less. He is still one of the sweetest people I have ever met and he made me feel special.

Taxes are due

April 15th is an important day but not for the reason you think. Yes, It is tax day but it is also known as Lisa’s birthday. Over the years we have celebrated many birthdays together. My favorite one was when she turned 40. Her husband threw a surprise party and planned every detail. The food was from Texas Roadhouse and the entertainment was supplied by those who attended the party. I’m not sure why I loved this party but I think it was because I felt like family. I felt included. I hadn’t known her that long. She worked with Mom, I spent a lot of time in the office with Mom. Lisa thought would bring me to her desk and I would pretend to be her secretary. I would remind her who she needed to call and what she needed to do next. I helped her staple and file the mountains of paperwork she had to do. Everyone knew when she was in the office that I was by her side. I would be told that she was in the office and I would turn to Mom and see you later. It was so much fun.

Photo: Lisa and me on her fortieth birthday.  She is wearing a birthday crown.  We are both all smiles.
Forty looks great on you!

Can you hear the grass grow?

Now people tell me that I can hear the grass grow. I really can’t but I do have really good hearing. I can overhear conversations that I am not supposed to. Mom always says for her to have a private conversation she has to go outside in the car with the windows rolled up. I don’t mean to listen I just hear everything. Sometimes it's hard to filter things out and I get overwhelmed. Other times I get juicy bits of gossip. And who doesn’t like gossip? It is especially fun when we walk around the ponds in my town. I love the ponds except for the gnats and goose poop that is. It is refreshing to be outside and a little weird. People are friendly and sometimes you see the same people day after day doing the same thing walking in the opposite direction. One person who stands out to me is the guy that was the importer of tropical fish. How do I know this? I can promise it was not due to listening in on his conversation. We saw him at the store and just started talking. We haven’t seen anybody in a while though due to COVID and the cold weather. So I can’t wait to get back out there and not only gossip but listen to all the sounds of spring going on around me.

Photo: me and Paige, we are holding a sign that says, A Ture friend warms you with their presence. trusts you with her secrets and remembers you in her prayers.
Who's got a secret?

There is trouble brewing

One time my listening skills prepared me for trouble that was coming my way. You see my aide in high school, had a mutual love of the Bachelor. We would watch together but not together. She was at her house and I was at my house. We would communicate our likes, dislikes, and overall emotions about what was going on during the show. One particular evening it was late and we were texting back and forth. Usually, I kept this late-night texting between the two of us. As it turned out she got such a kick out of my reaction that evening that she shared the text messages with my teacher and another aide. This would not normally be a problem except, my teacher had noted that I seemed tired that day. I told her, Nope, I got to bed early. You know what happened, I got caught. Thankfully though I overheard their conversation and was ready to explain the situation as I saw it. In the end, I did not lose the trust of my teacher she just wished I had come clean in the first place.

Photo: me and my Aide who watches the Bachelor with me.  We are both wearing rhinestone butterflies eye masks.
Me and Barbara, my Bachelor loving Aide.

Get outside

So take some time and get outside. Take your tissues with you and a good pair of sneakers. Have your camera ready to snap prom pictures and nature. The world around us is filled with many sights and sounds. Hear the lawn movers mowing, the birds singing and kids playing in the park. Keep your ears open, you never know when you will overhear a juicy bit of gossip.

Photo: me and Uncle Brian cutting the grass on his riding lawn mover.
Just cutting the grass with Uncle Brian

Thank you for reading until the end!

This is the view from my wheelchair, where miracles can make a difference. Always Strive for the Impossible. Come back next week for my view on home improvement and hear more about my experiences and The View From My Wheelchair.

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21 de abr. de 2023

😎 Thanks again for amazing post, as always you bring sunshine to them.

Allison Murphy
Allison Murphy
26 de abr. de 2023
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Thank you so much. If you ever have any questions or want to know my view on something new. Feel free to ask. You never know it might just be the next blog post.

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