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It's that time of year when Christmas is over and we wait for the New Year to begin. For my final project in college, we had to look back at our classes and select the best work that represented our learning in the class. It was a hard task, but I learned how far I had come from where I started. So I decided for this post to look back at this past year and remember a few key things that happened throughout the year. As I write this I am not sure what I will remember or find. So I am exploring my pictures from each month of this year 2022. Let's see if I accomplished as much as I had hoped I would when the year started. All I really remember from 2022 was my focus was on graduation. This should be fun!

Photo: me in  my bright  pink graduation dress, sitting in my wheelchair with a huge smile on my face.  This picture represents the excitement of the year looking back.
Excited to look back


To be fair this was taken on News Year's Eve but I was in Florida for half the month of January. This is by far my favorite sneaky peak at my grandparents. They have been married for 62 years. This moment in time is especially sweet since my Pappaw has Alzheimer's and he tells me he doesn’t dance. I have proof he does. This month included a visit to The Villages in Florida and bridesmaid dress shopping.

Nana and Pappaw dancing. Pappaw is in the baseball cap and Nana is the one being twirled.


I published my first blog post and you all started to support me in my journey. Thank you for all your support. I picked this Valentine's day photo because it turns out to be the last time I will be taking this picture at my favorite restaurant, Tony Boffa’s. It is a tradition that we go to Boffa’s for Valentine's dinner. They had some of the best rolls and family-style dinners around. Boffa’s holds a special place in my heart because even though this restaurant was a crowded Italian place I was treated like family. After 70 years in business, Tony Boffa’s has closed its doors and sold the restaurant. I will miss family dinners at Boffa's. This month included snow, Spanish food from the neighbors, early St Patrick's day celebrations, haircuts, and Christmas with friends.

Photo: me in a red shirt with a smile on my face sitting next to Donna in a stripped sweater and brown spikey hair with blond highlights.
Donna Mabee owner of Tony Boffa's and me Valentine's day


It wouldn’t be March without a St Patrick’s day photo. I am the official Grand Marshall of the Shortest Parade in NYS. The parade route is 306 ft from start to finish. If you are late you will miss it. There is usually a bagpiper, police escort, and many revelers that follow the parade route that ends at Bourbon Street Bar and Grill. This month included car trouble, comedian Sam Ramsdell, voting troubles, and St Patrick's day with Coleen and friends.

Photo of me in my orange top and green plaid pants with a sash of orange, white and green, The has Grand Marshal ptinted in black letters down the white stipe of the sash.
Grand Marshal


Normally this would be an Easter photo but this year I had a visitor from across the pond. Lisa’s father came to visit for her birthday and we went on a picnic at Bear Mountain State park. Also, this was the month that my friend Julie asked me to be a bridesmaid, bridesmaid dress fitting for Melissa's wedding, coloring eggs, haircut, a birthday celebration for Lisa, and my graduation gown arrived.

Photo: Brian with a bald head, sun glasses, gray shirt and black jeans standing next to me in my pink and white flowered pants.  We are standing next to a white flowering tree.  In the background you can see Bear Mountain with it's tree covered hilltop.
Brian from across the pond and me at Bear Mountain


Melissa and TJ got married! This was the first time ever that I have been a bridesmaid. Oh, and it is my birthday month! This month included a surprise visit from the Lally's, I got a travel Fold N Go wheelchair, a wedding weekend extravaganza, and mom's birthday.

Photo of a bride in a elowy white dress with lace cap sleeves holding a bouquet of white flowers with greens.  She is looking at me.  I am wearing a sage green off the shoulders chiffon dress.  My bouquet is tucked into the belt of my wheelchair.  My wheelchair is raised so that we are looking eye to eye at each other. We are standing in front of a red brick building that says Wyndridge Farm
Melissa and Me on her wedding day


GRADUATION! I passed my COVID test and got to walk the stage for graduation with my number fan mom and Aunt Candi on facetime. Mom strapped my phone onto my chair and face-timed my Aunt. The funny thing was it wasn’t until we got the pictures back that we saw Aunt Candi on facetime on the phone. We thought the phone had died because we face timed early in the ceremony. This was a special day because my Aunt Sally and Cousin Adrienne drove up to see me and be my cheering squad with Dad, Lisa, and Dave, as I graduated. This month was devoted to graduation visiting family and buying fireworks.

Photo: me sitting in my wheelcahir wearing my black graduation gown and decorated cap.  I have several ropes to represent honors and Suma Cum Laude.  Mom is escorting me across the stage and on my wheelchair is a phone that shows Aunt Candi's face on Facetime.
Graduation Day! Walking across the stage with mom and Aunt Candi on facetime.


I went on vacation to Wilmington NC and got to feel the waves crash over my body. People have tried to tell me what that felt like but no words can really describe the exhilaration of the waves and discomfort of sand in places it doesn’t belong. This is the month Mazine was born, fireworks, a picture with Jordan ( a student from a class I talked to as a fifth grader who is now a senior), swimming, a strange parking spot in front of Target, visiting the Lake House, ballgames, and TJ and Melissa.

Video of me in my bathing suit thanking Ocean Cure for the use of the beach chair.


My favorite Starbucks Barrista moved to NC. Ashley was always there and never failed to take the time to chat with me about what was going on. Not to mention she makes a mean Ice coffee with caramel drizzle, half and a half, and one pump of vanilla. I did learn though learn to never say one shot of vanilla because the new people gave me an expresso instead of flavoring. Boy did I have trouble falling asleep that night! This month also included mom and dad's anniversary, epic fail bowling, graduation photo shoot, job prospect, Kivian's birthday, final dinner at Boffa's, and a tiny acorn for Anut Candi's baby squirrel.

Photo: I am sitting in my wheelchair with my friend Ashley at Starbucks.  In the background is the Starbucks counter with the coffee makers, coffee and food displays.
Me and Ashley on her last day at Starbucks


Dad went to a football game in Maryland. As usual, his van broke down, and he was stranded for three days. Thankfully he had vacation time and my cousin Katie because she pushed his van into the bay so that they could work on it. Way to go Katie! Also a mention to my A team! We all got together for the first time since COVID to catch up and say goodbye to Barbara as she was leaving for Hilton Head for retirement and we celebrated Chrisann being cancer free! One more… the release of Hocus Pocus two occurred on September 30. I am lucky enough to have a partner in crime who doesn’t mind dressing up. We put on our costumes from last year and spent the entire day walking around as Mary and Winifred. It was the first time in a long time that people saw me and not my wheelchair. I felt like a movie star. Additionally, Halloween blow-ups, 9-11 memorial, work dogs, therapy friends, and early Halloween.

Video of my cousin Katie pushing my dad's van in the mechanics bay to have the work done on it. You go, girl!


You all know what this means, Halloween. Trick or treat, I love Halloween! Peter Pan and all his crew had a blast at our Halloween party. The first attempt at getting my new wheelchair, Julian's first birthday, corn maze with friends, visit to Cornwall on the Hudson, no access to the coffee house, first Christmas decorations up at Walmart, not to mention a Halloween sleepover.

Photo; mom is dressed as Wendy in a baby blue dress with royal blue sash.  Her hair is pulled away from her face and secured with a blue bow.  Standing next to her is my dad dressed as PeterPan with his green top and green pointy hat with red feather, Hook is next to him with his red hat, long curly hair and mustache.  His hand has a hook on it , Tinkerbell is standing next to him in her lime green satin short party dress and wings.  Lisa is holding a wand and finally me in the center as Smee.  I am wearing a red hat, my hair is white with thick sideburns.  I am wearing glasses.  A blue and white stiped shirt and turquois shorts.
Happy Halloween from the Peter Pan crew


Do you want to build a snowman? We had our first snow. Okay, we used all the snow building the snowman but still, it was snow. We also did some English crackers at Thanksgiving. English Crackers are a traditional party decoration that snaps when you pull them. They contain a paper crown, a joke, and a trinket. This year the trinket was tiny black mustaches. We all had a laugh wearing the tiny mustaches. Also, I got business cards with the QR code for my blog. Thank you April and David for believing in me and supporting my dream. Then there was a fashion show, an Amazon gift card win, Christmas blowups on display, and Thanksgiving.

Photo: Kalyn and my dad wearing tiny black plastic mustaches that were the prize from the English crackers,  They are also both wearing paper crowns and laughing at the situation at the Thanksgiving Day table.
Kalyn and Dad with tiny mustaches


My favorite month next to May, my birthday month. Both I receive presents in. LOL. December is filled with bright lights, Christmas trees, Christmas Carols everywhere, decorations, and family. Who wouldn’t love those things wrapped into one month? This month I got to go on two adventures, the Harry Potter Experience and the Christmas Village in Pennsylvania. Also, pocketbook bingo, Karaoke with Julie, finally received my wheelchair and Boozy Book Club. Not to mention Christmas in Maryland.

Photo: Mom is wearing a tigger christmas hat.  The fur trim is orange and the reat is green.  She is wearing a black shirt with a red and white patchwork design on the shoulder and across the front.  I am wearing my mini mouse Christmas hat with a big red and white polka dot bow and Dad is wearing his JETS Christmas hat with white fur trim and dark green and white striped top.  We are all smiling and wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours

That's a wrap

All in all, this was a great year. I had fun looking back at the picture I took over the year. I get now why Facebook always sends me a year in review. It is fun to remember all the good times. We don’t usually take pictures of the bad times, so it's good to remember all that is good in the world that we live in. I think I accomplished more than I realized and have grown as a person this year. Take some time from your busy week and explore the pictures that you forgot about and remember the year 2022. I am thankful for so many people who help me create memories that bring a smile to my face and remind me of the fun in my life.

Thank you for reading until the end!

This is the view from my wheelchair, where miracles can make a difference. Always Strive for the Impossible. Come back next week to make a resolution or not make a resolution, that is the question and The View From My Wheelchair.

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Gotta love St Pattys celebrations and surprise visits😆

Allison Murphy
Allison Murphy
20 janv. 2023
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Yes, I love that you always make me feel special. I love your surprise visits.


Allison Murphy
Allison Murphy
29 déc. 2022

Me too! Love you


Candice Urch
Candice Urch
29 déc. 2022

What an awesome year it was!! Can't wait to see what next year brings. Love you!!

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