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from your little Goose

So as we approach Father’s Day I thought I would give a shout-out to my dad. He tries hard but has been described as a bull in a china shop. Mom always kids him that these issues are because he is left-handed. Things aren’t made for those of us that are left-handed. My dad is very emotional and tries to be funny. Everyone in the family either loves him or tolerates him. I love him.

Photo: I am about 6 years old sitting next to my dad.  We are both all smiles
Me and Dad

Thank you for making videos with me

As a young child, my dad would make videos with me. We had a set design and everything. Our show was called live cooking with Daddy and Allie. Modeled after Emeril Lagasse. We did a lot of “bam”. I looked forward to this all the time. Then one day we just stopped. I guess I got too big but I have millions of hours of video to look back on. One of my favorites is the clip in my Youtube video. Daddy never liked playing games but he did try sometimes. He always called me his little goose. When he calls me that now I feel love and appreciate all he has done for me.

Photo: me at 2 years old and dad. for whatever reason I don't look happy but dad is holding me up.
2 year old me and dad

Thank you for making me laugh

Dad is somewhat of a goof. Recently he found some hair ties on the ground. Two to be exact, one outside by the trash can and one inside on the floor. One night he came running upstairs and said, is this Nana? To truly understand this story and why it is so funny I need to give you more information. You see when people die mom takes whatever is in her pocket and drops it into the casket. Most of the time it is coins but at least once it was a button. Dad was so convinced the hair ties were his mother's way of visiting him from the grave. It was difficult to hold back the laughter because he was so serious. I had to explain that Nana is pennies. When we are shopping or looking for a parking spot we always ask Nana for help. She always comes through and we usually find pennies afterward. So for Dad to think that the two hair ties he found were so unusual is comical. There are hair ties everywhere in our house but we humored him and for just a moment thought about purposely leaving hair ties for him to find.

Photo: Dad and his mom sharing an oversized turkey drumstick
Dad and his mom

Thank you for being a good sport

Now Dad is easy to prank. My friends used to call him from their phones and ask him about donuts. Sometimes they would be sitting right across from him and he would be clueless. Recently mom needed to ask my Uncle Brian a question. While she was on her cell phone with him Dad called on the landline. Before Mom picked up she asked Uncle Brian to say hello. Dad was so excited to think that Uncle Brian was at our house for some surprise visit that he said, he would be home in five minutes. It was at that time that we had to let im in on the prank that he wasn’t actually at the house he was only on the phone. Dad and Uncle Brian proceeded to have a conversation talking between the two phones. They are both a little goofy.

Photo: two phones side by side one with the name Uncle Brian and the other the landline which was dad.
Goof balls

Thank you for dancing with me

I will never forget the day I thought my dad was gay. For me, things are black and white. Anyone who knows my dad knows he has dance moves. It maybe be the same move but the man can dance. One day I asked where did you learn to dance? Dad then told about when he was a operator for AT&T he lived in Massachusetts with a guy named Lyle Treadwell. Lyle was a boogie-woogie disco boy of the late seventies. At the time I didn’t think about people living with friends, I only knew dad was living with a guy. So I said to him, I didn’t know you were gay. He then had to explain to me how you live with friends and you don’t have to be lovers. It still makes me giggle as embarrassing as it is.

Video of dancing with my dad

Thank you for going to Disney with me

Dad has humored me to go to Disney multiple times even though he does find the appeal. When I was 10 my grandparents took me to Disney as a congratulations for my First Communion. They took each grandchild but because I am disabled mom and dad tagged along too. Nana and Papaw planned a fabulous trip, We stayed at the Boardwalk in Disney and got to do so many things. One of them was dinner at the Polynesian. Dad always the sharp dresser had a favorite shirt. It was orange and black and seemed like the perfect shirt to wear to the Polynesian. We had front-row seats and you guessed it, the MC took one look at dad shirt and told him that the Polynesian Hotel called and wanted their curtains back. Needless to say, that was the last day that Dad wore that shirt, I think he left it in Disney.

Photo: dad in his orange and black shirt that looked like the curtains from the Polynesian Hotel
Dad and his Polynesian Curtain shirt

Thank you for loving me

One thing I can always depend on is that my dad loves me. He is proud of me and he will cry publicly when I give a speech. My dad is a hardworker, funny, and tries to please everyone. He means well even though it doesn’t work out that way but one thing is for sure he is my dad and he loves me with all his heart, He supports me and enables me to follow my dreams. Thank you Dad for always being there. I love you. Happy Father's Day!

Photo: Dad wearing a pink paper crown and a plastic mustache just being dad.
Mustache Daddy

Thank you for reading until the end!

This is the view from my wheelchair, where miracles can make a difference. Always Strive for the Impossible. Come back next week to see what is on my mind and hear more about my experiences and The View From My Wheelchair.

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