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The Best Day Ever

Once upon a time, two young girls became best friends in 6th grade art class. Their weekends were filled with cooking shows, jacuzzi fun, crafting, game playing, videotaping dances, Date nights at Target, and just hanging out. They were spider sisters, sisters from different misters, friends for life. Then, things began to change for no known reason. Heartbreak and sorrow followed. They got lost, feelings were hurt, assumptions were made, and text messages went unanswered. They drifted far apart. A text to meet for coffee changed everything.

Photo: Nicole and me sitting on a couch. We were so young, she with her braces and me with short curly hair.
We were so young

As you all know, I went to my Nana’s for Christmas in Florida. Dad couldn’t stay the entire trip so that we would take him to the airport in Orlando on Saturday. We had several options: he would take the shuttle, we could take Nana and Papaw to Disney Springs for the day, or we could try and meet up with a friend to have coffee. We didn’t know which option would pan out when we got to Nana's. I was excited to talk to Nana about possibly going to Disney Springs, but I needed to hear back from my friend first.

Photo: a bowling pin with the Splitsville logo, menu and condiments.  Delcious fries and burgers

On Christmas day, I texted my friend Merry Christmas, told her I was in Florida and was going to be in Orlando on Saturday, and did she want to meet for coffee. She answered right back, asking if I could do a couple of hours, like maybe lunch. We agreed to meet at Disney Spring. Unbeknownst to me, she started texting Mom and hatching her own plan. This is the start of the Surprise Best Day Ever,

Our first hole in one and camping trip

When Saturday arrived, I was nervous. I hadn’t spent time with her in ages. I didn’t even know if she still liked me or if she would show up to meet for coffee. Mom kept saying I am sure everything is going to be fine. She will show up, and everything will be great. She couldn’t convince me, and I knew something wouldn’t happen. After we dropped Dad off at the airport, we headed to Disney Springs to meet my friend. She ran late due to traffic, which didn’t help my nerves. When she finally arrived, I was so excited to be with her again but still unsure of how the day would go.

Photo: Nicole and I in our crusader purple at the fottball game in high school

I convinced myself not to worry. After all, we were at Disney Springs. I couldn’t wait to shop and take her to my favorite restaurant, Splitsville. She got in the car. She asked me if I minded if we went somewhere else for coffee. It was chilly outside, and she had a favorite local place she wanted to take me to. I was crestfallen, but I agreed. She handed Mom her phone with the navigation, and we chatted in the back seat. We arrived and parked. I could see nothing around us. Then she handed me a present, beautiful gold butterfly earrings, my favorite, and a T-shirt. She carefully unrolled the T-shirt and told me she had one and had gotten one for Mom. She brought the T-shirt close to my face so I could see it and asked if I knew where we were. Just then, I saw what looked like a castle on the T-shirt. I let out a scream of joy when I realized where we were. I couldn’t believe I was in Disney with her, something we had discussed for years. The video below says it all. I can’t give it justice.

Video of my reaction when I realized we were actually at Disney

I felt like a VIP. I had a Disney expert guide by my side, and we still hadn’t even gotten coffee. She knew which lines to be in and how to navigate the park and the app. She even knew where the photographers were to get us the best pictures possible for the Best Day Ever.  Before we started our day, we grabbed something to eat. We talked and talked and cried and laughed. We were back, spider sisters from different misters. When they say that Disney is the most magical place on earth where anything can happen, they are not kidding. That day, I found the piece of my heart that was missing.

Photo: Nicole and I infront of Te fiti from Moana.  Our shirts say the Best Day Ever
"I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat, sail across the sea, and restore the heart of Te Fiti."

Our adventure was coming to a close, and we had promised Nana we wouldn’t stay until the fireworks. I can honestly say we did not stay for the fireworks, but it took us almost an hour to find the car. One would think it would be easy to find. It had a huge clam shell on top of it. We couldn’t agree on where we had parked when we got to the parking lot. It was dark, and we saw several clams but discounted each one for one reason or another. The keyfob wouldn’t find the car either; the battery wasn’t strong enough. After looking for what seemed like an eternity, we finally got a closer look at the first car we thought was ours but decided from a distance it was not. From a distance, it looked like a truck with the clam on top, when in reality, it was our car parked next to a truck. Sadly, our day had come to an end. We went our separate ways, but this time, we would always be friends.

Photo: Nicole and I infront of the Epcot Globe wearing our Shirts that say the Best Day ever
The Best Day Ever

By the way, I did get coffee but found out my friend doesn't even like coffee. I learned that it is never too late to text a friend that you let distance get between you. You never know what is going on in someone's life, head, or heart until you walk in their shoes. For me, I am glad that we never gave up. That I knew we had not done anything. For my friend, she realized that I was always there no matter what. My door is always open. If you have lost touch with someone, reach out and meet for a cup of coffee. You never know what might happen; it just might turn into the Best Day Ever.

Photo: Nicole and mom on either side of me kissing my cheek.  Nicole is holding a sign that says 2024
Goodnight 2023, Hello 2024!

Thank you for reading until the end!

This is the view from my wheelchair, where miracles can make a difference.  Always Strive for the Impossible.  Come back next week to see what is on my mind and hear more about my experiences and The View From My Wheelchair.

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