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Trick or treat

picture of me beaming ear to ear holding a light up skeleton
My dad surprised me with this light up skeleton

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Halloween and Christmas. Since Halloween is upon us I thought I would take you all on a ride down memory lane of the past Halloweens I hope you enjoy them. I would love to see yours so feel free to leave me a message and a picture.

In no particular order, mainly cause mom can't remember, let the Halloween parade begin!

Herbie the Love Bug!

photo of my chair decorated like Herbie the Love Bug VW with the number #%#
Me as Herbie the Love Bug. I won first place at the Woodbury Commons Parade!

Happy Little Painting!

photo of me smiling with a green brush as my head and a paint palate on my body.  My assistant has a costume of a landscape painting.
This one was from RCC I was a paint palate and brush and my assistant was the painting, with all the Happy little trees

It's a bugs life!

Me dressed as a Monarch Butterfly surrounded by my friends in a lady bug costume and Bumble Bee
Me dressed as a butterfly surrounded by my bug buddies Ms Lady Bug and Ms Bumble Bee

Schitt's Creek

Photo of me dressed as Alexis with flowers in my hair and a Boho shirt surrounded by my crazy family.  Moria with a pink wig, black dress holding a wine glass. Johnny in his dapper suit.  David looking cool in his black sweater with white thunder bolts.  Stevie in her black shirt with red hoody.
Look it's the Schitt's Creek Crew! Moira, Johnny, David, Stevie, and Alexis

Hocus Pocus!

photo of me dressed as Mary Sanderson and Billy
me as Mary Sanderson and Billy

Heigh Ho!

Photo of me dressed as snow white surrounded by the 7 dwarfs, handsome knight, and apple,  wicked witch and the wicked witches mirror.
Look its snow white and the 7dwarfs, wicked witch, apple, mirror. And I can't forget the handsome night. For those that are curious mom made all the costumes except the apple and the mirror. Yes we were camping!


Photo of me an my friends after we raided the dress up chest.  Everyone is wearing a silly head piece.  There is a mermaid, Barney, pirate witch, cheerleader, a lion with a devils spear, patriotic Dutch girl and me
To be fair this was actually my twelfth birthday but we got dressed up all the same!


me with only my head sticking out of the table with a fake picnic.  My head has black balloons to look like an ant's body
Ant invading a picnic. I won again for this one too!

To Grandmother's house we go!

photo of me wearing a red hooded cape, holding a basket of goodies for grandma
Me in preschool as Little Red Riding Hood


Photo of me dressed as a pink iPod surrounded by two pirates
Me as an iPod complete with ears covering my wheels surrounded by two pirates!

Lady bug in flower pot

Photo of me dressed as a lady bug surrounded by balloons shaped as flowers
Me as a lady bug in a flower pot

Hot air balloon in the clouds

photo of me dressed as a hot air balloon, my chair is made to look like a basket and multicolored helium balloons are attached,  My mom has white fabric made to look like a cloud.
hot air balloon in the clouds

Cute little pumpkin

photo of me as a giant orange pumpkin.  The pumpkin is hiding my wheelchair
me as a giant pumpkin

Look up in the sky....It's Superman!

Photo of me dressed as superman with his muscles of steel and big S on my chest.  My chair is decorated to be an old fashioned telephone booth.
me dressed as superman complete with telephone booth

Flip Phone

Photo of me dressed as a blue flip cell phone
me as a flip cellphone in 2007

Star Wars

Photo of me dressed a R2D2, mom  as C3PO, dad as Chewbacka, Aunt Sally as a storm trouper, uncle Dave as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kyle as BB-8, Janice as Reya and Adriene and Nolan as princess Leah and Hans Solo
My family dressed as the Star Wars crew

Finding Dory

photo of my entire chair covered by a giant blue fish with yellow fins and tail
Trust me I am under that fish. It was supposed to be Dory, but I doubt it! Nice try mom!

Harry Potter fans!

Photo of me dressed as the sorting hat which covers my entire chair and my two friends dressed as red head siblings, Fred and Ginny Weasley complete with corresponding letters on their sweaters.
Believe it or not I am under the sorting hat my friends are Fred and Ginny Weasley.

Roller Coaster

me and my family dressed as a roller coaster.  Everyone had a box car led by me the front of the coaster.
Camping at Knoebel's , they are known for their rollercoasters, It was fun to lead the way and everyone behind me raising their hands and screaming as we rolled through the park.

Beauty & the Beast

Photo of myself dressed as Lumiere, mom as Cosworth, my friends as Belle, Beast, Gaston, Silly girl and Babette.
Again, this is not a Halloween picture but was the premiere of the Live action Beauty & the Beast. It was great fun to do something at midnight that turned heads in a good way.

Beanie Baby

Photo of me dressed as a black cat with a ty heart shaped tag hanging from my ear.
me as the black cat beanie baby


Photo of me dressed as a mermaid  Ariel, with red hair, sea shell bra, green fin with my friends flounder  the fish and Sebastian the lobster.  My chair is a giant clam shell,
me dressed as my favorite mermaid Ariel

I hope you have enjoyed this Halloween parade as much as I have. It couldn't have been possible without my crafty mother, always looking for ways to hide my chair. Thanks, mom!

Thank you for reading until the end!

This is the view from my wheelchair, where miracles can make a difference. Always Strive for the Impossible. Come back next week to find out what I have in common with the Fall and hear about my experiences and The View From My Wheelchair.

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Allison Murphy
Allison Murphy
08 nov. 2022

Do you remember when I came to your house in the Herbie costume?


These are awesome!


I always love to see your costumes!!

Allison Murphy
Allison Murphy
08 nov. 2022
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